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180s Ski Gloves and Ear Warmers

180s is an innovative performance wear brand jumpstarted in 1995 in the city of Baltimore. Their product line includes gloves, ear warmers, eye wear and training apparel made for skiing, snowboarding, running and other winter sports as well as casual wear. 180s pushes the limit to offer the best in performance wear for men, women and young athletes so you can challenge your own personal limits. Their most popular products are their ear warmers such as the 180s Adult ExoLite Ear Warmers and the 180s Adult Performance Tec Fleece Ear Warmers offered in numerous colors and styles, some even with built-in headphones so you can plug in your personal MP3, CD or radio player. 180s continuously strives to offer the best technology in their products such as the patent pending 180s Exhale Heating System® which allows athletes to use their breath to inject a quick blast of warm air onto their hands without having to remove their gloves. With innovative products such as the 180s Men's Terrain Ski / Snowboard Gloves, warm air is directed to the fingertip when exhaling into the port, instantly warming the hands. 180s incorporate the latest in technical fabrics and constructions engineered to insulate your body from the cold while allowing the skin to breathe, keeping you comfortable. 180s is dedicated to helping you push your limits.

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