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Brine LAX Wall Rebounder

Many people save their dreaming for night time.

But serious lacrosse players put their dreams in front of them - in the form of a seven foot tall, graphically appealing training aid known as a Brine LAX Wall Lacrosse Rebounder.

There's no time for shut eye when you're trying to get to the top. And there's no time for excuses either. What there is time for is practice. Lots of it. And if you're willing to put in the work, Sports Unlimited will make sure you've got the right lacrosse equipment.

That's why we stock the most popular training aid in the game from Brine, a company that knows what the view from the top looks like. That's why they splash their lax walls with the logos of the top teams in NCAA lacrosse history. Teams like Syracuse (10 titles), Johns Hopkins (9), North Carolina (4) and Duke (2). Teams that your opponents are dreaming about playing for while you're staring your future college in the face. Bouncing pass after pass off the center of the target. Envisioning your moment in the championship game.

 The walls are made from high-quality materials, set up easily and fold flat for easy storage or transportation. They adjust to various angles to help you practice catching the ball from anywhere. They even have rubber feet so they can be set up indoors when the weather isn't cooperating.

Since the 1950s, Brine has been at the forefront of the game of lacrosse, working to manufacture more sticks so more people could share the joy of the game. They brought innovations such as Surlyn plastic and molding techniques that are still used in sticks today. And their lax walls have permanent homes in backyards and driveways everywhere lacrosse is played.

Some of those walls are taking a detour on their trip to your backyard and they're here at Sports Unlimited. So stop limiting your dreams to while you're sleeping. Pick out your favorite lax wall and we'll make sure you can start your journey to the top soon.

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