Golf Bags

There is more to golf bags than meets the eye. With all of the interior and exterior compartments and features, no two golf bags are alike. Golf bags can be separated in two two basic categories: cart bags, and stand bags.

Stand bags, also called carry bags, have two legs that extend from the side of the bag when pressure is placed on a “pedal” on the bottom of the bag. These legs hold you bag steady in an angled position while you judge the shot, select your club, and take your shot. Most stand bags also feature a dual-strap design for easier carrying and removing of the bag between shots. The dual straps are worn like a backpack and distribute the weight of your bag and clubs across your shoulders and back. Stand bags have clothing pockets, accessory pockets for balls and tees, and sometimes even specialty pockets such as a cooler pocket for keeping your drinks cool throughout your round.

Cart bags are typically larger than stand bags, because they are not designed to be carried long distances across a golf course. The base is rounded and compatible with bag sections on the back of a golf cart. Some bags include a textured area on the front of the bag that helps keep the bag strap secured around your back while you may be driving up and down hills or on bumpy paths. Cart bags also include clothing pockets, accessory pockets, and specialty pockets. Many cart bags feature an exterior putter well for quick putter access. Cart bags typically have more interior divisions than carry bags because the additional weight from the dividers is not an issue.

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