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There are generally two factors that contribute to the price of a set of golf clubs: the quality of the clubs included, and the set makeup. Sets from different manufacturers of comparable quality generally have comparable pricing.

The set makeup is important to consider to make sure you have clubs you are comfortable with using. Sets come in youth and adult. Adult clubs are available in men’s, women’s, senior, teen, tall, and petite (women’s only). Adult sets typically include a driver, fairway woods, irons, and a putter. Some include hybrids instead of shorter woods or longer irons. This is good to take into account if you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable playing with hybrid clubs or if you prefer them over longer irons. Youth sets generally have fewer clubs, but still keep some variety. You can find sets with a driver, fairway wood, iron, putter, or a combination of multiples of these types. Both adult and youth sets include a golf bag. Youth sets all have stand bags. Adult sets can include a stand or cart bag. You should consider this in your purchase decision-making unless you are planning on buying another bag in addition to the set.

Club quality is the main difference between golf club sets. Graphite shafts, oversized drivers, and better club construction lead to higher priced clubs. You can either buy a higher-priced complete set, or a moderately-priced complete set and supplement by purchasing higher quality individual clubs such as a driver and wedges or irons.

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