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Made with the most comfortable, breathable, light, durable, and versatile leathers, metals, and synthetics, Lotto soccer cleats have become some of the most popular, widely used cleats in the game today. From youth players to stars of the World Cup, Lotto cleats and soccer shoes are laced up, slipped on, and put to the test everywhere, everyday.

Lotto Sports has been committed to improving the performance and safety of soccer players since it began, and continues to push the boundaries of soccer technology to bring that goal to life. Their full line of soccer shoes and soccer cleats are built with the finest materials, giving players incredible speed and ball control, while protecting the ankles and cushioning and supporting the arches. Lotto understands that a player's feet are the gateway to their game, and while a great soccer shoe should improve your performance, it should also be incredibly comfortable and supportive, to keep you on your toes for all 90 minutes, every game, for an entire season and then some. To these ends, Lotto has created amazing cleats featuring full grain leather uppers, designed to perform and protect in all weather conditions, across all field types. They have also sparked innovations in soccer cleat technology;

Reactive Arch Technology - A dynamic, anatomically designed sole that actually moves in unison with the natural arch of the foot, as you run. This allows it to cushion the foot on impact as you run down field. It stabilizes the foot when at rest, and gives you extra thrust on take off.

Twist 'N Go Pivoting Stud - A very fast pivoting stud for soccer cleats that improves performance and reduces the risk of injury. Since most movements in soccer take place very rapidly over short distances, when these course changes aren't performed properly, it can cause serious injury. The Twist 'N Go pivoting stud is a larger diameter stud that improves stability during rotation, provides extra grip for better turf traction, and increases your speed in rapid course change, while lessening the risk of injury. Made of durable aluminum, with a ring nut made of self-lubricating material, the pivoting stud is quick and wear-resistant.

With a vast line of soccer cleats and soccer shoes for players of all ages, skill levels, positions, and sizes, Lotto gives everyone exactly what they need to step their game up, and play forever! Check out our full selection of the latest Lotto cleats and other soccer cleats and shoes, to find exactly what you need to fit your game.