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Nike Baseball Cleats

BOOM. You drop the bat. You angle your body towards first base.  And then you sprint with all your might.

BOOM. You locate the ball with your eyes. You immediately anticipate the ball's trajectory. And then you run like hell.

 The difference between a hit and an out in baseball can be as miniscule as millisecond or a millimeter. That's why you need to be prepared with Nike baseball cleats, so you can reach the base or make the catch just in time. Nike baseball cleats use advanced Nike footwear technologies and designs to give you the best possible chance of making that game-saving play.

And remember, at Sports Unlimited, if the pair of cleats you want are over $35, they ship for free! And on top of that, if the pair your order doesn't fit, send them back for free! And make sure to check out our entire baseball equipment section to find all of your baseball needs this season!

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