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Oakley Sport Performance Sunglasses

The combination of mad science and dangerous artwork forged together in uniquely styled and unabashedly cool frames and lenses. This is how we've come to know the masters at Oakley sunglasses. Since '75, Oakley has been changing the world, pushing the boundaries, and redefining the limits of how we see. Their lines of sports sunglasses have changed the game forever and turned what was once a careless addition to a uniform, into an indispensible piece of sports equipment.

Utilizing their classic innovations and performance-based technologies, like their High Definition Optics, impact resistant frames, UNOBTANIUM earsocks and nosepads, O Matter lightweight frame material, and standard-breaking optical precision, Oakley has re-envisioned sunglasses for the world-class athlete. Their entire line of sports performance sunglasses let athletes of all sports, skill levels, and ages customize their performance with an interchangeable lens system. With a variety of lens options, each specially designed to provide excellent visual clarity, enhanced depth perception and color recognition in different conditions, a player can change lenses in seconds to suit changing sports environments. This system keeps players on the ball and ahead of the competition, because when you can see the game better, you can play the game better. Available in a variety of styles and colors, in polarized and non-polarized, the sports performance line is as versatile as you are.

Precise, secure, durable, tough, and razor-sharp, Oakley's line of sport performance sunglasses will change your game forever. Whether you're fighting the sun in the outfield, judging the terrain for your next putt, looking for the next hill on your bike, or pushing yourself to the limit during a run, you can rely on Oakley to give you the tools to take it to the next level.

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