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Oakley Sunglasses - New Releases

The combination of mad science and dangerous artwork forged together in uniquely styled, and unabashedly cool frames and lenses. This is how we've come to know the masters at Oakley sunglasses. Since '75, Oakley has been changing the world, pushing the boundaries, and redefining the limits of how we see. Their lines of athletic and sports sunglasses have changed the game forever, while their casual-wear glasses are giving people everywhere another outlet for personal expression through fashion.

Now, along with the crazily prolific masterminds at Oakley, Sports Unlimited brings you a slew of brand new lines of sunglasses that will change the world and break the mold once again. From athletic to casual, techie to sporty, classic to twisted, these new styles are sure to turn some heads.

Utilizing their classic innovations and performance based technologies, like their High Definition Optics, impact resistant frames, UNOBTANIUM earsocks and nosepads, and standard-breaking optical precision, Oakley has re-envisioned sunglasses for everyone. Into the classic aviator look? Check out Oakley Frogskins. Looking for sleek, athletic, and fierce? You've got to go with the Split Jacket Sunglasses.  Maybe you're into the bug-eyes look, but love a good twist. The Vacancy Women's Sunglasses were made for you. And if you're just looking for something off the wall cool, the Oil Drum Sunglasses are yours.

Always hungry for more, Oakley has created some insanely sick styles and lenses with tons of new features that will change how you think about sunglasses forever. If you don't find something here that catches your eye...get your vision checked.

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