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Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Unequaled visual clarity paired with an uncompromising combination of mad science and dangerous artwork, is how we've come to know Oakley sunglasses. Since '75, Oakley has been changing the world, pushing the boundaries, and redefining the limits of how we see. Their lines of athletic and sports sunglasses have changed the game forever, while their casual-wear glasses are giving people everywhere another outlet for personal expression through fashion.

Their commitment to visual clarity and quality is unquestioned, and that has never been more clear than with their lines of sunglasses features Oakley polarized lenses. Oakley High Definition Polarized Lenses are, not surprisingly, different than any other polarized lenses on the market today. With advanced technologies and processes, Oakley polarized lenses create an optical force field around the eyes, protecting them from the harsh glare of the sun without sacrificing visual clarity. The lens material is molecularly bonded to the polarized filter, infusion molded, creating one cohesive, single-layered lens. This produces a lens that delivers true neutral color recognition and ultimate glare reduction. But it doesn't end there. Sports Unlimited's collection of Oakley Polarized Sunglasses each feature specially designed HD Polarized lenses with colored coatings, that give them additional properties and features which further improve visual clarity depending on conditions. So browse our huge collection of insanely sick styles and lenses with tons of new features that will change how you think about sunglasses forever. If you don't find something here that catches your eye...get your vision checked.

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