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Oakley Women's Sunglasses

Fashion direct from the runway and stream-lined design straight from the bike trail, Oakley Women's Sunglasses compliment the modern woman by delivering the style she craves with the performance she demands of herself. Subtle yet striking, smooth yet edgy, these shades speak volumes about what makes you the complicated person you are, all while draping you in mystique, protection, and incredibly advanced optics. Specially designed to fit the curves of a woman's face, these sunglasses will change your view of the world, and how the world views you.

Along with the crazily prolific masterminds at Oakley, Sports Unlimited brings you an array of beautiful, fashionable, and fierce lines of sunglasses specially designed for the stylish, cool and active woman. From athletic to casual, techie to sporty, classic to twisted, these styles are sure to turn some heads.

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