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Riddell 360 Youth Football Helmet

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Riddell 360 Youth Helmet


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Note: This helmet comes with a GRAY facemask. 

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Availability: Sold Out

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Additional Options:  Riddell Deluxe Football Helmet Inflator Pump (+$14.95)
Riddell Premium Football Helmet Pump and Glycerin Kit (+$19.95)

Additional Options:  Riddell Deluxe Football Helmet Inflator Pump (+$14.95)
Riddell Premium Football Helmet Pump and Glycerin Kit (+$19.95)

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The Riddell 360 Youth Football Helmet is performance and protection evolved! A next-generation helmet from Riddell, the 360 is the culmination of years of helmet testing, decades of industry experience, and the analysis of over 1.4 million impacts, collected by Riddell's advanced HITS helmet sensor system. After finding that a majority of concussions resulted from frontal impacts, Riddell set about improving facial, side, and frontal protection for players. It starts with the newly designed Flex Impact System; the combination of a new flexible face guard and specialized, strategically placed facemask hinges, designed to absorb the shock of a frontal impacts, reducing the force transferred to the head and neck. Riddell also uses an ABS plastic shell and protective comfortable liner, in a new face frame, to cover and protect the mandible and jaw areas from side and frontal impacts, which can cause serious injuries. In conjunction with Riddell's custom fit inflatable liner system and energy-absorbing hexagon foam liner, these new technologies make the 360 safer and more comfortable than any helmet before. But there's more to the 360 than safety. Riddell also upped the ante on performance and style! An aggressive shell, and new red and black interior pads give the 360 an intimidating look on the field, while newly designed lightweight shell materials and a sweet lightweight facemask keep more than a few steps ahead of everyone else on the field.

Riddell 360 Helmet Features:
  • The next generation in Riddell Football Helmet technology, performance, and protection!
  • Improved Protection
    • Safer, more protective, and advanced frontal helmet protection
      • New 360 shell, facemask, materials, design, and technological advancements reduce and absorb impact from frontal hits
    • New Flex Face Guard is a flexible facemask designed to absorb shock and reduce the amount of force transferred to your head after a frontal impact
    • Facemasks hinge clips, strategically placed at the sides of the helmet, further disperse energy from fontal hits
    • Newly designed advanced Face Frame enhances protection to the frontal and mandible areas, reducing impact force from hits to the side and front
      • Hexagonal Liner System with energy-managing foam, combines performance, protection, and fit to deliver maximum helmet comfort, stability, and balance
        • Overliner: a removable, moisture-resistant, antimicrobial helmet overliner improves helmet comfort, performance, and stability, making for an overall safer helmet
        • Custom Fit Liner: designed with fully inflatable back, neck, side, and crown areas, Riddell's advanced liner system lets players customize the fit of their helmet, creating the perfect snug fit, and reducing the risk of injury
          • PLEASE NOTE: all inflatable jaw pads and liners require a Riddell Football Helmet Inflator Pump to inflate, and Glycerin to adequately lubricate inflation needle
          • After needle and valve are lubricated, insert the needle with a careful twisting motion
          • Do NOT use an inflation needle other than those specially designed for Riddell helmets. These needles are the correct length, and should not puncture the liners if properly used
          • WARNING: Product cannot be returned or exchanged if liner is damaged or punctured due to improper inflation or needle use
      • Off-Set Shell Design: an increase shell overset creates more space between the shell and the player's head, better managing a broader range of impacts and impact angles without sacrificing performance or response to higher-force hits
      • Side Liner Extension: energy absorbing and comfortable interior helmet liner is extended to the mandible area, increasing energy dispersion and protection from side impacts
      • Side Shell Extension: extended shell flaps around the jaw add extra protection to the mandible area from front and side impacts
  • Improved Performance
    • Lightweight facemask and shell materials play and perform like no helmet before, keeping you agile and one step ahead of the competition, without sacrificing protection or safety
    • Enhanced Occipital Lock Ideal Fit system cradles the back of the head for unheard-of comfort, stability, and fit
    • Aggressive shell design and detailing gives you an intimidating look on the field
    • Oversized vent holes in the shell maximize breathability and air circulation, keeping you cool when the heat is on, and helping you focus on your game
    • New All-Points Quick Release Face Guard System detaches the facemask with the press of a button, cutting facemask removal time down to seconds, and giving trainers and field staff instant access to a player's face
    • Newly styled helmet pads
    • Inflatable jaw pads made of energy management materials, and designed to effectively diffuse impact energy from the side of the head and face, while providing a snug, custom fit
    • Built-in T-Nut Wrench uses T-Nut stops, molded directly into the helmet, to let you easily remove screws without a wrench or pliers
  • Designed to fit youth players
  • "No Rust" stainless steel hardware
  • Mid high hook-up soft cup chin strap included
  • Specially designed 360-2EG-LW lightweight facemask included - perfect for skilled positions
  • Overliner and jaw pad inflation required

Riddell 360 Youth Football Helmet
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Saint Paul, MN
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Can't wait to wear it
February 21, 2016
Riddell, the best! 5 stars Virgina tech, awesome design, quick release points, high quality.....
Design Protection

Richmond Heights, MO
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 30, 2015
Cant wait to wear it.

Igby, idaho
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

10 stars
August 26, 2014
This is the best helmet I've ever owned its ultra comfortable and it protects u from major hits its maxing ten stars minamal

Chicago Illinois
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 6, 2014
this helmet is great all the advances padding gives max protection
losses air

Bergen, Norway
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

jawpads losing air
April 8, 2014
after you inflate air into the jawpads, the jawpads are pumped up for about 30 minutes and then you have to inflate the again.
is comfortable and you have 100% vision.
jaw pads de-inflating, and is very heavy.

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