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Riddell Facemasks

Riddell Football Equipment from Sports Unlimited

From the high-end SpeedFlex to the ultra-popular Revolution Speed, Riddell is easily one of the most coveted names in football protection. While that begins with football helmets, it also extends to Riddell’s facemasks, built to enhance your protection – and your performance.

Each helmet has a different accompanying facemask that’s made to work in conjunction with the helmet to keep your face guarded from opponents’ hits. Made from various kinds of steel, Riddell facemasks won’t weight your helmet down and can offer you additional protection if you know what to look for.

From basic styles like the S2B to hard-to-find versions, like the Big Grill 2.0 for the Revo Speed, Sports Unlimited has what you need to make your helmet perfect for the upcoming season. A Riddell facemask can help you have a wide field of vision or provide additional protection for your eyes. It can provide extra protection for fingers poked into the faces of a lineman or help make sure the quarterback's signals are clearly heard. No matter your needs, there's a facemask to suit your game.

Riddell facemasks all use the same naming properties, making it easy to identify which facemask is right for you. Simply reference the chart below to see the type, length and protective elements your facemask has.


  • SF = Adult and Youth SpeedFlex
  • S = Adult and Youth Revolution Speed, Adult and Youth Revolution Speed Classic, Foundation, Revolution Edge, Revolution Attack and Attack-i
  • 360 = Adult and Youth 360


  • 2B = Short
  • 3B = Long

Protective Elements

  • C = Closed; a smaller gap between the top bar and first horizontal bar
  • N = Nose guard
  • EG = Eye guard
  • U = U-bar
  • D = Double top bar
  • LW = Light weight
  • SW = Single wire; only one horizontal bar

Example: S2BDC – A Speed facemask that’s short in length with a double top bar and closed eye opening

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