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Riddell Power Extreme SPX10iBP Adult Football Shoulder Pads - QB/RB/WR

Riddell Power Extreme SPX10iBP Adult Football Shoulder Pads - QB/RB/WR - Click to enlarge

Riddell Power Extreme SPX10iBP Adult Football Shoulder Pads - QB/RB/WR

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The Riddell Power Extreme SPX Adult Football Shoulder Pads - QB/RB/WR give you incredible mobility, agility, and range of motion without sacrificing strength and protection. With a combination of advanced technologies and strategic materials, these shoulder pads are perfect for the high school, college, or pro quarterback, running back, or wide receiver who needs speed and protection to break through the competition. It starts with the the Flat Pad design, which gives these shoulder pads an incredibly low profile, without reducing toughness. By lying low across the shoulders, these pads never interfere with your helmet, improving head movement and range of motion. To speed up your game even more, Riddell's 11% thinner, lighter, and more flexible IntelliArch Shell design keeps you agile, while extended corrugations maintain needed rigidity, for plenty of power. Together, these and more technologies, along with position-specific arches, back plates, and belts, give you one heavy duty, fast football shoulder pad to lend its strength to yours.

Shoulder Pad Features:
  • Style number: SPX10iBP
  • SPX Technologies:
    • Brand new stainless steel hardware for incredible power and strength
    • Flat Pad design gives the entire pad an incredibly low profile, minimizing interference with your helmet, and improving your range of head and neck motion
    • Rigid belts direct force away from the initial impact point by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system
    • IntelliArch Shell design:
      • 11% thinner and lighter than a traditional arch, the IntelliArch is flexible, fast, and mobile, but thanks to its extended corrugations, is still rigid and tough enough to take on the biggest hits
    • Air Management liner system:
      • Uses a layer of semi-sealed air chambers, which slowly release their cushion of air after a hit, absorbing impact energy and spreading the force of the hit over a large volume of air, at a controlled rate
    • Engineered Composite Sub-Arch:
      • A plastic reinforced foam sandwich built into a non-skid material provides improved cushioning over the shoulder, and increases stability to the arch-liner interface
    • STAC Shoulder System:
      • Designed to protect the shoulder, this system utilizes a highly contoured epaulet to direct impact energy away from the shoulder and onto the arch
    • BIOTHANE webbing STAC straps deliver optimal durability and resilience between the arch and shoulder for serious and lasting protection
    • Keyhole Cap Design cradles the AC joint for additional comfort and coverage
    • BIOTHANE belts maintain the shape of the arch to maximize impact energy absorption
    • Spacer Fabric high-performance, comfortable liner promotes air circulation
    • Velvet collar around pads feels great against the skin
  • Skilled Position-Specific Features:
    • Short, swim-cut arches for maximum mobility and range of motion
    • Small STAC perfect for the skilled player
    • Built-in backplate protects from hard hits
    • 1" Biothane belts
Riddell Stock Power Extreme (SPX) Component Sizing Information
Shoulder Pads Arch Length STAC Size
SPX QB/RB/WR Short Small
SPX DB Regular Small
SPX FB/LB Regular Hitter
SPX OL/DL Extended Regular Hitter
Small STAC = Small cap and small epaulet
Hitter STAC = Medium cap and medium epaulet


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Riddell Power Extreme SPX10iBP Adult Football Shoulder Pads - QB/RB/WR
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
December 8, 2013
these are very light and comfortable

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Top of the line QB pads
September 24, 2013
The Riddell Power Extreme SPX 10iBP allows me ultimate arm flexibility when throwing. I've worn other QB pads but these are the best by far. They're very light yet are strong. The best part is the low profile combined with the cutaway arch. My release point is not compromised and I don't even feel like I'm wearing pads. Some guys will say they lose 5 yards on their deep ball because of pads. I've found no difference. Amazing all around. ( A bit pricey but quite frankly they're worth the extra investment for a crucial piece of QB equipment) I'm a HS QB who runs a spread offense where we throw the ball a ton.

Northern New Jersey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 28, 2011
The shipping system is very good.

Yasushi Hijiya
5 Stars

June 23, 2011
Best sholder ever

5 Stars

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