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Shockbox Football Helmet Impact Alert Sensor

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Shockbox Football Helmet Impact Alert Sensor

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The revolutionary Shockbox Football Helmet Impact Alert Sensor is one of the most interesting and powerful advances in the world of football and head injury prevention, analysis, and treatment! Imagine being on the sidelines watching your son play, and knowing exactly how hard his last hit was, just by looking at your phone? Or as a trainer, being able to easily track the amount, type, and force of hits your players have taken over the course of a game, a week, a season, or a career? That information would be invaluable, and that's exactly what Shockbox delivers!

A sensitive impact force sensor, the Shockbox measures the acceleration of a tackle, and communicates that information to a trainer, coach, or parent instantaneously, keeping them informed of player health, and alerting them to any possible injury. Installed directly into the football helmet, the sensor reads Peak G acceleration, one of the most reliable and standard methods of head impact biomechanical analysis.

Once an impact is detected, the sensor sends information to software in a synced laptop or Smartphone, where it is interpreted and converted into an easy-to-read visual and color coded alert.

Already used and trusted by pros like wide receiver Laurent Robinson, Shockbox alerts people on the sidelines to threshold levels of acceleration and force. It also operates as a hit counter, for long-term health observation, as well as a concussion assessment and management tool!

Please Note - Shockbox System does NOT include football helmet or Apple iPhone. Please see list of compatible football helmets before purchasing.

ShockBox Technologies:

shockbox installationReusable Performance
Once installed, the Shockbox holds up to hits, and works continuously to record, analyze, and report impact data, unlike other once-and-done impact sensors.

Easy and Secure Installation
Attaches to the inside crown of the football helmet with secure, high bonding adhesive tape. The low, long profile of the sensor does not disturb the helmet's fit or performance.

Sensitive Impact Sensors
Specialized sensors are set to trigger and record the energy, acceleration, and force of any impact over 50g of acceleration.

Shockbox iPhone AppCommunicates Instantly with Mobile Devices
Designed to sync with any Android, iPhone, or Blackberry Smartphone, the Shockbox utilizes LED and Blue Tooth technology to send impact data to any device up to 100m (325ft) away. Even if the device is temporarily out of range, the Shockbox continues to re-send the data for up to 5 minutes. This gets the impact information to trainers, coaches, and parents, instantly after the hit, where decisions can be made.

Specialized Smartphone App
Download the Shockbox app (included with purchase) to your Smartphone, and sync with the device to see instant hit analysis and data read outs, after a hit. App software allows coaches, trainers, and parents to track multiple players, record hit counts, analyze impact force and direction, and assess player health. Information can also be easily sent to doctors, trainers, and others via SMS or email.

Advanced Hit Analysis Software
Complex software algorithms in the app collect helmet impact data from the sensors (peak g force linear acceleration), interpret it, and match it to corresponding head impact data, based on over 40,000 individual sets of tests over multiple helmet types, and over 18 months of live data.

Shockbox DisplayEasy-to-Read Data Display
Once the impact force is detected and interpreted by the app software, all information is displayed neatly for users. The direction of the hit, the time it took place, the impact force, and probability of injury are quickly displayed on the app. A color-coded impact alert makes it even easier to see the severity of the hit.

Injury Diagnosis Tool
A mini SCAT2 assessment tool included with the app allows trainers to immediately record player symptoms following an impact, tracking player health and treatment in one central location.

Active-Sleep Extended Battery Life
Unique onboard software keeps the sensor up and running for up to 500 hours. Throughout the game or practice, the sensor stays in a dormant mode, designed to “wake up” in less than 1 millisecond upon impact. The sensor collects and transmits the data to the Smartphone app, and then returns to dormant mode, to conserve battery life.

Shockbox Specifications:
  • See list of compatible football helmets
  • Size: 5" long (13cm)
  • Weight: 18g (0.6oz)
  • Operating temperature: -25Cº to 40Cº (-13Fº to 120Fº)
  • Battery Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion with Micro USB – 3 weeks / 500+ hrs
  • High bonding adhesive tape on inside of helmet surface attaches sensor to helmet
  • Shock resistant
  • Free software download direct for App stores
  • Allows you to pair 128 sensors to 1 phone
  • Battery status and pairing button on sensor for easy use

Shockbox Football Helmet Impact Alert Sensor
2.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good sensor concept - works on iPhone
April 17, 2013
Good initial packaging looks nice out of the box. New velcro attachment worked better than the old adhesive so i can remove it for charging easier. Figured out the sensor is sensitive on its own but when installed into the helmet it was hard to set off easily. Software app doesnt tell me when my son has a concussion but gets to me check him when he has a big hit. App alerts me about 2-3 times per game
synchs direct to my iphone and ipad. app works when i am emailing or texting. good way to let me know when my son gets a hit above whats normal.
price...expect this to come down eventually

2 Stars

Great concept; product needs work
December 31, 2012
I bought this for my son and love the concept, but we had some issues while testing it out. We found the color range to be somewhat confusing as to when to test for a concussion and also found issues based on the surface we tested it on. My husband is an engineer and tested it on grass after rain, dry dirt, ice, other helmets and concrete and found differing results. He was unsure of how the impact was being measured because when the helmet was dropped from above eye level, impact sporadically registered despite registering when dropped below his waist. We will have our son wear the product because we love the idea of sensors and feel the product is on the right track, but we will keep looking for updates and for new options for sensor technology.

Joe M
2 Stars

Too sensitive
October 26, 2012
When I bought this, I feared that the manufacturer would have it set at too low a trigger point for liability purposes. When I dropped the Shockbox onto a pillow from appoximately six feet high, no impact was registered. However, when I dropped it on my kitchen counter from 2 to 3 inches high, the Shockbox indicated that concussion assessment was needed. The product is too sensitive for use in a football helmet, in my judgement. It's a good idea with poor execution.

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