Shot Put

Shot put is a track and field event requiring precise use of strength and technique.  Shot puts come in a variety of sizes and materials and choosing the right shot put for you depends on your age, gender, skills and preferences.  Females junior high level and younger will throw a 6 lb. shot where as females high school age and above will throw an 8 lb. shot.   Males, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated.  Ages 12 and under throw a 6 lb. shot, 13-14 an 8 lb. shot, high school age a 12 lb. shot and college a 16 lb. shot.

Shots are also available in several different materials depending upon your likes and throwing expertise.  Throwers can choose from iron, steel and brass.  The last factor to take into consideration is whether you will throw indoors or outdoors.  Indoor shot puts have a padded covering so they do not damage gym surfaces or break.

The shot put throw is a track and field event that can be traced back to Ancient Greece where athletes threw stones for sport. The men's shot put has been an Olympic event since 1896, and women's shot put was added in 1948.

What is a shot put made of? Shots can be found in steel, iron, brass, or polyurethane. Polyurethane is used to create a soft shell on shot puts used for indoor competition. Steel, iron, and brass shot puts are used for outdoor competition only.

What are regulation shot put weights? Females under age 49 use a 4 kg shot put. For women between 50 and 74 years of age, the weight regulation is 3 kg, and for over 75 years of age, the weight regulation drops to 2 kg. For males in middle school, the regulation shot put weighs 4 kg. Male high school regulation weight is 12 lb and college and men's regulation weight is 16 lb. Ages 50 to 59 use a 6kg shot put, ages 60 to 69 use a 5 kg shot put, ages 70 to 79 use a 4 kg shot put, and ages over 80 use a 3 kg shot put.

Are all shot puts the same size? No, the diameter of the shot put varies depending on the weight. Approximate diameters for regulation weight shot puts are as follow: 4 kg/105 mm, 12 lb/115 mm, 16 lb/125 mm. These measurements can vary and still adhere to rule book specifications. Look for shots that meet NFHS, NCAA, and/or IAAF specifications depending on your level of use.

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