Shot Put

Shot put is a track and field event requiring precise use of strength and technique.  Shot puts come in a variety of sizes and materials and choosing the right shot put for you depends on your age, gender, skills and preferences.  Females junior high level and younger will throw a 6 lb. shot where as females high school age and above will throw an 8 lb. shot.   Males, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated.  Ages 12 and under throw a 6 lb. shot, 13-14 an 8 lb. shot, high school age a 12 lb. shot and college a 16 lb. shot.

Shots are also available in several different materials depending upon your likes and throwing expertise.  Throwers can choose from iron, steel and brass.  The last factor to take into consideration is whether you will throw indoors or outdoors.  Indoor shot puts have a padded covering so they do not damage gym surfaces or break.

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