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Snorkeling is an incredibly fun and easy activity, perfect for everyone from kids to couples! Adventurous and exhilarating, taking to the waves to explore the deep can reveal beautiful sites and wondrous creatures. Whether you're snorkeling on vacation, learning the skill at the pool, or jumping right in off the dock, you're sure to love every minute of your snorkeling adventure!

But where do you start? What do you need to get the most out of your time on the water? Which snorkeling gear is right for you, and how to you use it properly? Well read on, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the coolest pastime. But first, check out this video to get your started:

What Do I Need To Get Started Snorkeling?
Before you hit the water, make sure you have the right gear for your adventure. At Sports Unlimited, we offer a full range of snorkeling equipment, from dependable brands like U.S. Divers. But to get the most out of your time in the water, you'll need at least these three pieces of gear:

Snorkeling Masks: Snorkels: Fins:

  • Fits comfortably over the eyes and nose

  • Creates a seal, keeping water out

  • Delivers clear visibility under water

  • Breathing apparatus fits easily and comfortably in the mouth

  • Extends out of the water, allowing you to breathe while your face is underwater

  • Allows you to move more water with less effort, propelling you faster and giving you more control


Snorkeling Sets

Get snorkeling quickly, when you buy all of your new snorkel gear in an affordable, pre-packaged snorkel set! Start off easy with a mask and snorkel set, or jump right in with a full set, complete with mask, snorkel, and fins.

How Do I Know Which Snorkeling Equipment Is Right For Me?
Review this chart to help find the snorkeling gear perfect for your needs and budget:
  Novice Intermediate Expert
Skills: Weak swimmer. Somewhat comfortable in the water. Good swimmer. Able to submerge and surface while keeping mask and snorkel in place. Strong swimmer. Able to submerge to further depths, and surface while keeping mask and snorkel in place.
Time Spent Snorkeling (Per Year): Once a year, on vacation A few times a year Frequently
Pro Tech Series: Designed for regular snorkelers and strong swimmers, Pro Tech gear is top-of-the-line in quality and performance, comfort and style. Durably built for extended excursions, and loaded with technical performance features, U.S. Divers Pro Tech gear is at the top end of the price spectrum, for those who take their snorkeling very seriously.
Sports Tech Series: Great for intermediate snorkelers, or those who have done it a few times with success, U.S. Divers Sports Tech gear is high-quality, durable, and comfortable, perfect for short excursions. Built with purge valves, safety whistles, and dry-top technology, Sports Tech snorkels, masks, and fins are affordable and accessible for most swimmers.
Sports Rec Series: Reasonably priced, quality snorkeling equipment for the recreational or new snorkeler. Basic designs and minimal technical features keep things simple and easy to use.

How Do I Know Which Size Snorkel Gear Is Right For Me?

Sizing snorkel equipment is fairly easy. Masks and Snorkels come in either adult or youth sizes. Masks feature various face skirts, which may fit differently depending on facial size and structure. Sizing fins is a bit more confusing, but still pretty easy. Just use the following table:
Adult   Youth
Men's Shoe Size Fin Size Youth Shoe Size Fin Size
4 - 7 S 1 - 3 S
7 - 10 M 3 - 6 L
10 - 13 L
How Do I Maintain My Snorkel Equipment?
To extend the life of your snorkeling gear, make sure to rinse your mask, snorkel, and fins off with fresh water, and leave them to dry in a cool, shaded area after each and every use.

Make sure to NOT store snorkeling gear under heavy objects that could warp their shape. Lay fins out flat and avoid bending, to maintain their performance.

Snorkel Technology
Single Window Diving Mask:
With a traditional, low-volume design, 1 window masks give you a complete, smooth, seamless view of the ocean floor.

2 Window Diving Mask:
Double lens diving masks offer a great view with a comfortable fit. With a lens for each eye, these masks provide a more natural view of the deep.

4 Window Diving Mask:
With the addition of two lenses at the sides of the mask, four window masks expand your field, giving you wider peripheral vision underwater.

Submersible Snorkel:
When you dive down, the top of the snorkel closes, keeping water from entering the tube.

Pivot Dry Technology:
A type of submersible snorkel, U.S. Divers dry-top snorkel technology pivots and closes when submerged, keeping water out during short dives. It also works as a splash guard, keeping water out of the tube when swimming on the surface.

Purge Valve:
Located at the bottom of a snorkel, this valve makes it easier to clear the snorkel of water after a dive. Simply open the valve and blow the water out of the top and bottom of the tube.

Pivot-Fit Mask Technology:
Designed to help fine-tune the fit of your diving mask, the easily adjustable pivot-fit buckle lets you loosen the mask by pinching two buttons on the buckle, or pulling up on the buckle tab. Tightening the mask is as simple as pulling on the end of the masks strap.

Mask Purge Technology:
On the off chance water gets into your mask while you snorkel, a purge valve lets you remove the water without having to surface and dump it out. Simply exhale through your nose, and force the water out of the one-way purge valve.

Pivot-Flex Fin Technology:
Built to reduce strain on the toes and ankle when kicking, the Pivot-Flex Fin lets the foot pocket and fin operate independently of each other, for a more efficient kick, every time. During the down kick, the pivot flex blade pulls away from the foot, allowing water through, instead of just forcing it down, dramatically improving energy efficiency. These pivot points also transfer kick energy from the toes to the side-rails and heel, reducing strain on less powerful parts of the foot.
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