Swim Caps

Swim Caps

Things to remember when buying a swim cap:

1. What type of swimming will you be doing while wearing a swim cap?

  • If you are a competitive swimmer, you will want a swim cap that will help improve your performance during training and racing. A swim cap made of silicone will resist wrinkles, reducing drag to improve performance during a race.
  • Recreational swimmers who are more concerned with keeping their hair dry and protected from chlorine damage should choose from either a less-expensive latex swim cap, or a more durable (and more expensive) silicone swim cap.
  • Recreational swimmers who are more concerned with comfortably keeping their hair out of their face while swimming, and not with keeping their hair dry, should opt for a durable lycra swim cap. Please note that lycra is porous, and will not keep hair dry.

2. How much do you want to spend on a swim cap?

  • Latex Swim caps are inexpensive and generally run from $2 to $4. These are a popular choice for those who are buying large quantities, because they are more affordable than their lycra and silicone counterparts.
  • Lycra and Silicone Swim caps are often $6 to $12 a piece. These, however, are more durable than latex swim caps, and should last longer.

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