You made the effort to go for a run, so why not put the effort in wearing the right clothes while you run? Wearing the proper running clothes means you get to be more comfortable, more focused, and feeling better than you otherwise would. How?

First, it starts with wearing the proper running shoes. Womens running shoes come in a variety of forms. Wearing running shoes that aren't built for your foot type or are old is by far the most common cause of running injuries, such as painful shin splints. Before selecting a pair of running shoes, figure out what type of running style or what type of feet you have.

Women with very flat feet are usually overpronators as well, which means that their feet roll inward while they run. These runners need extra stability and support for their flat arches and their overpronation. Women's Motion Control Running Shoes are constructed purposefully for these runners, as they have extra stability features on the medial sides, firmer midsoles, and flatter soles, giving these runners the best fit for their run.

Women who are mild to moderate overpronators with moderately flat to normal arches should wear stability running shoes. Womens Stability Running shoes combine good midsole cushioning and stability to help counteract mild to moderate overpronation.

Lastly, women with normal running styles that do not overpronate and have normal to high arches should wear neutral running shoes. Women's Neutral running shoes off cushioning and flexibility, and allow the runner to be comfortable while they run. Most women fall into the neutral running category.

Running shoes may be the most important piece of a runner's attire, but there are more aspects to the entire get-up. A proper sports bra allows you to be comfortable while you run. Since you are running, a high impact sports bra is necessary to provide maximum support while you move quickly.

When you run, you want lightweight clothing that stays dry and light so you don't get weighed down. Womens Under Armour Clothing are popular womens running apparel. Comprised of womens shorts, lightweight jackets, short sleeve running shirts and more, Under Armour provides the ultimate combination of performance and comfort for your runs. So stay comfortable, protected, and fully equipped for your run by stocking up at Sports Unlimited!