Adult Football Back Plates

You burst through the line, juke a linebacker and accelerate past the secondary down the sideline on your way to the end zone. Your opponents don't see a trail of dust, they just see the back of your jersey and your back plate flapping deliberately beneath your rolled up jersey.

An essential item for those concerned with their swag on the field, back plates serve a major function to players that take a lot of hits. They protect the lower back, covering the parts that shoulder pads don't and making sure you stay safe.

At Sports Unlimited, we've got your back with a wide selection of adult football back plates to fit your game. From high-quality, American-made Douglas back plates in a variety of colors to the wide coverage of EvoShield's popular back plate design, we've got it all and are constantly keeping up with the latest styles and trends to make sure we have something for you.

That's why we have specialty designs like military camo and breast cancer awareness back plates made by Pro Gear in Jacksonville, FL. It's also why we have a variety of Riddell back plates to make sure you can match any shoulder pad you choose. Schutt's custom back plate comes in a wide selection of team colors, or go for a futuristic look with the AiR Maxx Adult TPU back plate.

Looking good is important, but so is staying safe. At Sports Unlimited, we understand your needs and hope our selection of adult football back plates is enough to satisfy your needs.