Big Grill Facemasks

It's the edge you seek when you line up across from your opponent. When they stare back at you, you want to see fear in their eyes. And when you're peering out from behind the Big Grill facemask, the look of fear is one you'll become accustomed to.

In the 2011 NFL season, New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck donned the six-bar facemask for the first time. He finished the regular season with five sacks and added another three and a half in the playoffs, where the Giants claimed their second Super Bowl title in four years.

Tuck had arrived - and he brought the Big Grill with him.

Officially labeled as the SCC Specialty facemask and sold by Schutt, the first model left the shelves at on February 15, 2012, just 10 days after the Giants' Super Bowl XLVI win. The Big Grill name is attributed to Sports Unlimited president Don Ball, who wanted to apply a catchy moniker so it stood out from otherfootball facemasks. Schutt ran with it.

In the 2012 season, Schutt tweaked Tuck's facemask. The next model - officially the STG Specialty - became known as the Big Grill 2.0. The redesigned mask featured an even more aggressive design with five horizontal bars and 12 diagonal bars and was available in the fall of 2012. The new bars aren't only for show, the diagonal pattern leaves little space for linemen to poke fingers into the face of opponents.

The popular line added yet another tweak in early 2013, when the Big Grill 2.0 was manufactured in titanium, lightening the weight by 65% on the carbon steel version of the original 2.0. is the exclusive home of this lightweight version, which allows you to get the look you want without weighing you down.

You want sacks. You want forced fumbles. You want your opponents to fear your every move.

You want the Big Grill facemask - born in the trenches of the NFL and making its home at Don't be intimidated, check out the selection now.

Big Grill Facemasks

Big Grill Facemasks

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