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Boys' Jackets

It's tough to keep them inside, even when the weather's anything but nice out. But with Sports Unlimited's huge selection of the coolest and most comfortable jackets for kids out there today, why would you ever want to keep your kids in?

We carry some of the best fleece jackets, lightweight jackets, rain jackets, hoodies, and boys' winter jackets from the most trusted and high-quality brands on the market today; The North Face youth jackets, Columbia, and Patagonia.

At Sports Unlimited, we're committed to keeping your kids safe, warm, and comfortable during those cold, rainy, windy, and snowy months. So we figured the best way to do that is to offer the best boys' jackets in some of the coolest styles and most unique colors, from brands like the North Face, so while they think they're just looking great for school, you know they're actually protected from the elements when they head to the bus stop. That's why we stock the full line of the popular The North Face Denali Jackets, Western Chief rain jackets, and Patagonia insulated jackets, so they can look cool in every season and condition.