Let's face it, kids love to be outside. Whether it be running along the ocean's edge at the beach, sledding down the neighborhood's hills, making mudpies in the backyard after (and sometimes during) a rainstorm, kids are outside getting dirty and playing hard. These types of situations call for outdoor apparel that will stand up to the task of keeping kids protected from the elements while staying in one piece. This is where Columbia Sportswear enters the conversation.

With their own proprietary technologies like Omni-Tech to keep your kids dry, or Omni-Heat to keep them warm, Columbia creates outdoor garments to keep them comfortable when they are playing outside. Doesn't matter the temperature, climate, or activity, Columbia makes something that will fit your family's lifestyle. Not only will they hold up against the elements, they are also affordable. No to mention, they look good too!

Shop Columbia's youth section at Sports Unlimited for your child's next winter coat, snow pants, rain jacket, or a new fleece jacket for back to school!