Grays KN7 Probow Field Hockey Stick

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Grays KN7 Probow Field Hockey Stick
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As part of their premier KN stick range, the Grays KN7 Probow Field Hockey Stick creates the ideal combination of weight, power, and feel, and it utilized Geocentric Core Technology at the epicentre +of the stick to allow a complete redistribution of weight and balance, offering a light and nimble pickup that facilitates fast-paced 3D styles of play. It features a Probow blade profile that generates increased drag flick momentum and further extends your reach zone for better ball handling, and the continuous blade and head profile make 3D skills even easier to perfom. Its Graphene composite construction and Tri-Tec carbon weave work together to provide greater hitting power and improved response when controlling the ball, while its Pro Feel Area uses vibration-dampening foam to soften your first touch and keep the ball on your stick, rather than having it rebound into your opponent's possession. With its perfect balance of power and control, this stick will take even the best player's game to new heights!
  • Graphene Enhanced Technology combines a more powerful energy transfer with great shock absorption for improved performance
  • Geocentric Core Technology utilizes foam inserts to ensure a soft touch on the ball
  • Tri-Tec carbon weave and Graphene reinforcement provide maximum accuracy when shooting
  • Braided Carbon reinforcement offers maximum shooting power
  • Probow blade profile generates increased momentum for more powerful drag flicks and further improves your "reach zone" for better ball handling
  • Micro toe offers increased maneuverability and improved 3D skill execution
  • Low Backhand Zone provides greater consistency when reverse hitting
  • Pro Feel Area uses vibration-dampening foam to soften your first touch
  • DuraZone Heel Protection for maximum strength and durability
  • Pro Edge Protection reinforces the stick for long-lasting durability
  • Features a Pro Dampening Handle for reduced vibration
  • Point of maximum bow from bottom: 200mm
  • Brand: Grays
  • Weight: 540g
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Toe Shape: Micro
  • Bow Shape: Probow - 24.75mm
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