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Roller Skates
Roller Skates

Jam Skates

What do you get when you combine dancing, gymnastics and skating? JamSkating! Jam skating is a developing form of skating that evolved from old school roller disco, but has grown to incorporate break dancing, gymnastics, artistic interpretation, and modern dance! It takes plenty of skill and even more style. So whether you're a pro or just interested in learning the art, check out our vast collection of jam skates, and find your next pair right here!

Jam skates are loud. Find the color, pattern, and style that suit your personality. Jam skates are available from simple, inexpensive models that are perfect for an afternoon roll around the neighborhood or park all the way up to top-of-the-line, precision jam skates for skaters who practice the true art of jam skating.

Youth jam skates are perfect for your little one who is just starting to learn how to roller skate. Some styles feature larger back wheels placed on the sides of the boot and smaller front wheels, lowering the skater's center of gravity and increasing their stability and balance for a safer, secure feeling while rolling along.