Louisville Slugger has been making baseball and softball gear since the eighteen hundreds and although they started with hand-crafted baseball bats, Louisiville Slugger makes all kinds of incredible baseball and softball products like fastpich gloves. These fastpitch gloves come in different sizes depending on player preference and position played. With unique designs and color schemes, Louisville makes fastpitch gloves for the bold players who want to make every play with a little bit of added flair. It takes quality materials and the right kind of pocket to make plays throughout the season and that's what LS delivers on.

Sports Unlimited stocks both right handed and left handed gloves from Slugger. These gloves are identical to each other except for the hand that they fit on. If you see a glove that says Left Hand Throw, that means that the glove is meant for players who throw with their left hand and wear the glove on their right hand. Making the defensive play is the most important thing, but looking great doing it shouldn't have to be sacrificed. Get all of the above with Louisville Slugger with a quality and well-designed fastpitch glove. Compare Louisville Slugger to the other major brands by checking out Sports Unlimited's Fastpitch Glove selection.