There are few brands more reputable than Mizuno when it comes to fastpitch gloves. Mizuno has been making gloves for over a hundred years, and it is easy to see how they’ve been so successful over that time. Their relentless commitment to developing new technology that allows players to perform at their best is evident in every one of their gloves. From helping beginners close their gloves with Power Close technology, to providing elite players extra protection with a Parashock Plus Palm Pad. No matter the skill level, Mizuno is focused on improving performance.

Nothing speaks to the validation of Mizuno’s Fastpitch gloves, than their work with former US National team star Jennie Finch. As arguable the biggest name in the history of Fastpitch Softball, Jennie has worked alongside Mizuno to develop her own series of gloves. Designed specifically for those just beginning to play the sport, The Youth Prospect Finch series makes the game easier and more fun.

Catering to not only those picking up the game, Mizuno has a series that fits every skill level. Everything from the popular Franchise series to MVP Prime is engineered to make you a better ball player. You can determine how the Mizuno Fastpitch Gloves stack up against the competition by checking on the rest of Sports Unlimited’s Fastpitch Glove selection.