OBO ROBO Shoot Out Field Hockey Goalie Stick

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OBO ROBO Shoot Out Field Hockey Goalie Stick
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Specifically designed for those high-presurre, end of game shoot outs, the OBO ROBO Shoot Out Field Hockey Goalie Stick provides several extra inches of stick (while still remaining in the legal length range) +that will give you that extra reach you need to block those tricky top corner shots, and its extended grip allows you to have a higher hold on the stick to improve your control. This stick has a straight shape like a field player's stick but was specifically designed to fit a goalkeeper's natural stance and grip by altering its weight and balance to create a more lightweight feeling stick for improved agility. Plus, it features a maxi toe that provides a decent amount of surface area for stopping the ball without adding too much weight onto the head of the stick that could just slow you down. You can definitely count on this shoot out-specific stick to help you turn that tie into a win!
  • Specifically designed for shoot outs and can only be used during the shoot out
  • Extended grip allows you to hold the stick closer to the head for increased control
  • Maximum legal stick length of 41 inches gives goalies the extra reach they need to make the save
  • Straight handle design is similar to a field player's stick and offers a more lightweight feel
  • Maxi toe provides a nice amount of surface area without weighing down the head
  • Experience: Advanced
  • Brand: OBO
  • Type: Goalie
  • Toe Shape: Maxi
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