Rogers Break Away Double Baseball First Base

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Rogers Break Away Double Baseball First Base
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The Rogers Break Away Double Baseball First Base is designed to operate with the Rogers Complete Break Away Baseball Bases Set and works to customize the set to fit the players and the +level of competition in your league. The clinically tested Rogers Break Away Baseball base system features a superior design that absorbs the impact of improper slides, and in extreme situations, actually separates from the base, reducing the risk of injury when a player slides. The Break Away Double Baseball First Base is similar in construction to the standard Rogers base top, but with an orange top. It is designed to be installed next to your current first base. Keep all your players safe with the base system that the American Journal of Sports Medicine said should be mandated in all leagues.
  • Base top disengages from its anchor to reduce injuries caused by improper base slides and reduces collisions at first base
  • Orange base operates independently of first base
  • Does NOT include standard white first base.
  • Compliant with ASA softball.
  • Break Away Double First Base Kit includes:
  • High visibility orange base top (15"x15"x3")
  • Base plate with attaching metal stanchion tube
  • Ground anchor (Steel, tubular receptacle)
  • Type: Double First Bases
  • Material: Rubber
  • Brand: Rogers
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