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Stix Golf Distance Golf Club Set (Driver, 3w, 5w, 4h)

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Stix Golf Distance Golf Club Set (Driver, 3w, 5w, 4h)
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Take control of your distance game with the Stix Golf Driver, Woods, and Hybrid Set. With this set you will have every club you need for distance on and off the tee box. +Our driver, like all of our clubs, features stunning black on black, minimalist finishes, but capitalizes on the modern advancements in club making to bring forth a farther and straighter ball flight. When you're ready to grip it and rip it, our driver will give you the kind of confidence that calms the nerves and makes the fairway feel a little wider.

Our fairway woods make those really long approach shots feel a little shorter. We added just enough loft to help you get it up in the air easier and straighter but not lose distance by utilizing a lighter and smarter shaft design to naturally increase swing speed. We can help you make that hard to reach Green in Regulation when you need it most.

Our 21 degree, 4 hybrid gives you the assurance you've long sought after whether you're on the tee box or deep in the fescue. Designed for distance while providing the forgiveness of a lofted Iron, you'll feel right at home on the first swing. High and far is the name of the game here.

Which flex should I choose? Generally speaking, the more flexible the shaft the more 'forgiving' the clubs tend to be. What this means is that the shaft of the club will bend a little more during the swing to help compensate for slower swing speeds and inconsistent swings. This minimizes the difference in ball trajectory on less than ideal swings. The stiffer shaft flexes are just more exact to a golfer's swing. Because of these reasons, softer flexes (regular and A-flex) are suggested for people newer to golf or lack the strength to get higher swing speeds. This is the technical side of the equation though! Flex is also about how they feel! For instance, some newer golfers may find stiffer flexes more comfortable for their swing and prefer to get accommodated to them as they improve their golf game. It just depends on the individual golfer's build and their swing style.

  • Set includes Driver, 5 Wood, 3 Wood, and Hybrid
  • Driver: 10.5°, 460CC titanium driver, high-elastic graphite shaft
  • Woods & Hybrid: Stainless steel head, high-elastic graphite shaft
  • Stunning black on black, minimalist finishes
  • Brand: Stix Golf
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