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Super Pro Titanium Facemasks

For lightweight face protection, there's no better option than a titanium facemask. At half the weight of a standard carbon steel facemask and with more strength than traditional steel, a titanium facemask will change the way you look at the game. At Sports Unlimited, we offer Super Pro titanium facemasks from Schutt to help you perform better this season.

There are several benefits to choosing a titanium facemask. Most importantly, the lighter weight will help you keep your head up - a key component taught in tackling techniques to limit hits to the head. With a lighter facemask, you'll have a better chance of tackling the proper way, not leading with your helmet. The stronger titanium will also help with absorbing more force from hits to your face. Titanium bars are also thinner than bars on steel facemasks, increasing your field of vision slightly.

We have titanium Super Pro facemasks in several popular styles, including the Big Grill 2.0 and Big Grill Villain - facemasks where cutting down the weight is a top priority. Super Pro facemasks will fit Schutt AiR XP models and the XL version can also fit the Schutt Vengeance helmet without modifications.

Keep your head up next season with a new titanium facemask from Sports Unlimited!