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Item#: 1048-ATKT22P

TK Total 2.2 Innovate Plus Field Hockey Stick

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TK Total 2.2 Innovate Plus Field Hockey Stick
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The TK Total 2.2 Innovate Plus Field Hockey Stick features a unique scoop design in the toe for enhanced ball control and to allow easier pickup on the move, and it has a +concave groove placed along the majority playing surface that helps you maintain a central ball position. Its Innovate stick design offers an evenly balanced feel and facilitates multi-directional dribbling and aerial skills, so you can quickly dodge your opponent and explode down the field with ease. It utilized Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement Technology to align the carbon in a specific way that creates a stiffer feel and a more durable stick, and its extreme rigidity helps produce maximum power behind your shots. Plus, it features an Integrated Damping System that reduces vibrations to the handle for a better feel in your hands.
  • Utilized a TK Innovate stick design with the 25mm apex moved slightly towards the head of the stick for an evenly balanced feel
  • Scoop design in the toe for enhanced ball control and aerial skills
  • Concave groove helps to maintain a central ball position across the playing area, further aiding close ball control
  • Evenly balanced design with excellent hitting power
  • Utilized Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement Technology for a hyper rigid and more durable stick
  • Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube Technology for extreme rigidity and durability
  • Integrated Damping System utilizes unique fibers to dissipate energy and reduce vibrations to the handle
  • Offers ultimate ball control and multi-directional dribbling
  • Material: 80% Carbon, 10% Aramid, 10% Fiberglass
  • Experience: Elite
  • Brand: TK
  • Weight: 530g
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Toe Shape: Maxi
  • Bow Shape: Late bow scoop
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