Athletes will forever be in search of any advantage that will give them an edge on their competition. Whether its specific training equipment or extra practice, dedicated competitors are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Thanks to a revolutionary training aid from LaceUp, that advantage you've been searching for is well within reach. The new Training Lace is a universal sports training aid with endless possibilities.

What makes the Training Lace so special, is its ability to adapt to any stick, bat, racket, or body part you can think of. It was originally designed as a way to add weight to a lacrosse stick, making it the perfect piece of lacrosse training equipment. As a baseball training aid, the lace is adjustable allowing you to place it in different parts of the bat to focus on specific mechanics of your swing. Use it as a Field Hockey training aid and wrap it around your stick to increase the power on strikes. The training lace also works great on a tennis racket, and even can be worn on the wrist of a basketball player or swimmer for resistance training. Available it different weights ranging from 5oz to 12oz, allowing you to increase the amount as your muscles strengthen. The only thing with more potential than the Training Lace is the improvements you'll see from using it.