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Your alter ego is who you become when you step into the gym, onto the field, onto the court, or wherever it is that you give your all. Under Armour Alter Ego is about bringing out the very best in yourself that you didn't think was even possible because sometimes, you have to transform into another person to give yourself the strength to push through. Will your alter ego be Superman? Captain America? Spider-Man? Batman? Hulk? Punisher? Yeah, those are some of your options because everyone is different and has different aspirations.

The best way to become your alter ego is through compression shirts for training, t-shirts for chilling, football gloves for ballin' out and more. Superheroes might dominate the movie theaters, but when it comes to effort, you're right there with them, or maybe, you are one of them. Find your superhero alter ego right here, right now. Take action.

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