Your run is more than just exercise. Itís a time to leave the world behind, press pause on responsibility, burn stress, and refocus life. When you get active, itís for you and no one else. You always have high expectations of yourself, so why have low expectations for your clothing? In the world of Under Armour, your clothing works for you, making you better, and making its strength and performance your own. When you wear a piece of Under Armour, you're ready for any challenge, and prepared to push your body to its limits and then some. Now bring that commitment to excellence, comfort, and performance to the part of you that takes the most punishment when you get active; your feet.

It doesn't matter if you're a runner, softball player, volleyball star, basketball junkie, all-around athlete, or just a regular woman heading to work in the morning, you're going to spend a lot of time on your feet. Even if you wear incredibly comfortable and advanced cleats or shoes, your feet can still take a beating if you don't sport the right athletic socks. And you know that when your feet are uncomfortable, you just can't perform at the top of your game. After all, your feet propel you forward, stabilize you, and put power behind your movements. Isn't it time you did something nice for them too?

Under Armour Performance Socks feature the same breathable, durable, strong, comfortable and performance-ready materials and technologies you'll find in their other athletic apparel. Their women's socks, designed for all activities and sports, are built with their signature Moisture Transport System, which wicks moisture away from the body without absorbing it, keeping you cool and dry no matter how hard you push it. These performance socks cushion, support, conform, and protect your feet, even preventing odors from growing, keeping them fresh.

Under Armour has designed their performance socks to meet all of your needs. At Sports Unlimited, we bring them all to you, from low-cut  no-show socks for the gym, to higher crew socks for athletics and sports. Under Armour has even designed socks to meet the demands of specifics sports. Check out our vast collection of volleyball socks, softball socks, and soccer socks. They've also designed performance socks specifically for extreme temperatures. Rock Under Armour ColdGear Socks when the thermometer plunges and it'll circulate body heat, while maintaining its natural lightness, for comfortable movement. When the hazy days of summer creep up on you, pull up Under Armour HeatGear Socks and you'll have a comfortable layer of breathable second skin, keeping you cool and dry even on those soupy days on the field.