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VICIS SC223E Stainless Steel Football Facemask

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The VICIS SC223E Stainless Steel Football Facemask works with both the VICIS Zero2 and Zero2 Trench helmet styles to give you some of the best protection in the game. Made from strong, lightweight tubular stainless steel the facemask is optimized to provide players with the best field of vision to perform their best on the field. The SC223E style featured a narrower field of vision with a more closed eye opening and longer bars in the mouth area. It also includes eye guards on the sides to give players even more protection. It is a popular choice among linemen and linebackers and other players who want more protection in the mouth and eye areas.
  • Style: VICIS Tubular Stainless Steel Faceguard
  • Protection: SC223E (Closed style, 2 top bars, 2 center bars, 3 mouth bars, eye bars)
  • Tubular stainless steel protection that gives you strong and lightweight protection
  • Integrates with VICIS Zero2 and Zero2 Trench helmets to provide a optimized sight lines for maximum performance
  • Type: VICIS Zero2, VICIS Zero2 Trench
  • Position: OL, DL, FB, LB
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: VICIS
  • Gender Age: Adult
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