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    Xenith Epic & Xenith X2E Facemasks

    Xenith Epic & Xenith X2E Facemasks

    From its inception, it was clear the Xenith was going to be a different kind of football company. So it's no surprise that when it comes to facemasks, the new kid on the block delivers designs like we've never seen before.

    Unlike their competitors Riddell and Schutt, Xenith's facemasks are built to work with all models of their helmet. So if you had an X2E and are thinking of switching to an Epic, your facemask can make the move with you.

    Instead of sticking with the traditional designs, Xenith bucked the trend by creating several specialty facemasks that are sure to stand out, but also provide you with what you need for protection and performance. And at Sports Unlimited, we're proud to offer those unique styles.

    First released in 2014, the Prime, Prowl and Pursuit were the first eye-popping facemask styles from Xenith. Made to fit the Epic and X2E youth and adult helmets, the Prime is the most traditional looking of the faceguards with a wide field of vision and oral protection that suits most skill players. Its cousin the Prowl has a slightly more intimidating look in the nose, making it a popular choice of linebackers and fullbacks. For lineman, Xenith designed the Pursuit, mean to mimic the style of the Big Grill with a cage look of intersecting bars. In 2015, the Predator joined the family, providing more jaw protection than its predecessors.

    Down the road, Xenith is sure to keep its protection futuristic, and the facemasks are sure to follow suit.