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    Youth Soccer Shoes / Soccer Cleats

    The game of soccer requires a great deal of skill, and in this sport, the skill lies in your feet! In order to perform to your greatest ability, it is important to find soccer cleats that not only fit perfectly, but also keep up with your quick feet.

    Finding the right soccer cleats that suit you or your child's wants and needs is often a challenge, especially with all of the different varieties that are available. Sports Unlimited offers the best brands and quality that are guaranteed to meet your standards. All of our cleats offer maximum durability and comfort, and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles at great prices!

    Depending on the surface of play; that is, turf, hard floor, or grass, we offer soccer cleats that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play and will allow your child to perform comfortably year-round.


    Cleats are offered in four different outsole varieties (the part of the shoe that touches the ground) including detachable, molded, turf, and indoor. With so many options, it is important to know which kind will best suit your child's needs. Distinguishing amongst these four options may also depend on your child's typical field conditions, the league's regulations and personal preference.

    • Detachable: These cleats have removable studs that are convenient when it comes to indeterminate weather conditions. Short studs are the most beneficial for dry and firm ground, whereas long studs allow for better performance during inclement weather. The studs are available in rubber, plastic, and metal; however, soccer leagues of all ages forbid metal spikes.
    • Molded: Molded cleats are the most common amongst youth soccer cleats. They are permanently attached to the shoe with either a rubber or plastic bottom. With this style, the cleats offer a great deal of traction and flexibility on different playing surfaces.
    • Turf: These cleats are specifically designed for soft, artificial grass; but they also function well on outdoor fields. They are comfortable and have great traction between the cleat and the surface, making sliding a non-issue.
    • Indoor: Similar to the bottom of a sneaker, indoor shoes are solely used for hard surfaces comparable to a gym floor. The difference, however, between a sneaker and an indoor shoe is the pattern of the outsole, which is designed for enhancing the grip on the bottom of the shoe so that the player do not slip. They are perfect for players who perform year-round.

    Cleats are generally made from two types of materials: leather and synthetic.

    • Leather: Leather cleats are often commended for their superior comfort, support and flexibility. This particular material sculpts to your child's foot, but does not hold up as well in rainy conditions.
    • Synthetic: Synthetic material is exceptionally useful for a growing foot! It allows for a great deal of durability, even when used in wet conditions. Additionally, it does not require the usual “break in” period and the cleats are lightweight, allowing your child to show off his or her speed and skills.
    How to Determine your Size

    Size is an extremely important factor when it comes to picking out soccer cleats, especially for children with growing feet. We recommend picking a size slightly larger than your child's shoe size now to allow room for thick soccer socks and shin guards.

    *Please refer to our sizing chart for additional guidelines.