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Bike Xtreme Lite Youth Football Shoulder Pads

Bike Xtreme Lite Youth Football Shoulder Pads

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The Bike Xtreme Lite Youth Football Shoulder Pads are multi-position, lightweight shoulder pads ideal for protection at the youth football level.  Lighter weight gives player less bulk and more movement.  The body arch plastic is encased in foam padding providing the same impact protection as the standard version pad.  1 1/2" belt straps provide a snug fit to the chest for the best protection.

Lightweight Shoulder Pads Features:
  • Lightweight pad designed for contact at youth football level
  • Less bulk and more ease of movement
  • Sleek, low profile
  • Plastic body arch encased in foam
  • 1 1/2" belt straps for snug fit
  • Pre-drilled holes for shoulder pad extension with restrictor to be added

Size Chart

Size Chest Shoulder Measurements Weight Range
XS 26-28" 11-12" 60-79 lbs
S 28-30" 12-13" 80-99 lbs
M 30-32" 13-14" 100-119 lbs
L 32-34" 14-15" 120-139 lbs
XL 34-36" 15-16" 140-159 lbs

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Bike Xtreme Lite Youth Football Shoulder Pads
4.5 Stars based on 16 Review(s)
Bite lite shoulder pad
September 6, 2012
cheap made with no protection offered

Royce Wilkins
4.5 Stars

all around great product
July 29, 2012
My son hits like a truck (QB/MLB), got hurt in conventional cantilevered pads, but never got hurt in these Bike shoulder pads, so we stuck with them and bought a bigger size every year (5 seasons). Now he's in high school and graduated to Bike's adult pads. LIght. Flexible. Great range of motion. Big thumbs up/

4.5 Stars

Perfect Fit
July 12, 2012
The pads fit my son as if they were custom made. It is made of very durable materials and I trust it to protect my son as he plays football.

Paul A.
4.5 Stars

Light at a Price
November 19, 2011
My son played tailback and outside linebacker with these pads all year. They are super light and do not restrict movement and he finished first place in all star running back votes. The trade off however is these pads do not provide adequate protection for big hits. Although these hits may be rare they will occur. Next year my son will have more protection and shoulder pads that have a shell. I do not recommend these pads if your child is a running back who will get hit alot during the year.

4.5 Stars

October 11, 2011
my kid loves them. he is a qb and pads allow him to throw well.

4.5 Stars

very good
September 12, 2011
Got both my boys these pads and they were perfect. They were light and flexible, but give them plenty of protection.

4.5 Stars

shoulder pads
August 22, 2011
The plastic seemed too thin and flimsy. I didn't feel comfortable letting my son practice or play in them. Maybe ok for a receiver who may get hit once during a game.

4.5 Stars

Just as Advertised!
August 21, 2011
Great shoulder pads!! I was planning shock-doctor under shirt padding to cover the open areas this has, but the full-motion range and weight are excellent!! If my boy was a "bone-crusher" I would have gotten the bigger pads for the extra insurance but they still are a great shoulder pad for youths!!

M Holleman Grand Rapids
4.5 Stars

shoulder pads
August 20, 2011
practice starts next week so the jury is still out. they seem fine though, very light!

bill kennedy
4.5 Stars

August 8, 2011
not as sturdy as some but great for wide receivers

4.5 Stars

BIKE Extreme Lite
February 19, 2011
These are very good junior pads that are extremely lite. I would recommend for a QB/WR/TE as my older son plays DL/LB/OL and needs more padding for the level of contact at his position. Will keep these for my youngest son to grow into as he is more of a skill position player thus far.

JR Greene
4.5 Stars

Excellent product
February 10, 2011
My son is 10 and big for his age.These pads helped him make the weight limit and they provided excellent protection. He played tight end and the flexibility let him catch balls that other pads may have made more difficult to reach.

4.5 Stars

January 20, 2011
My son is 8 and is a center. It allowed him more movement in his snapping and still protected him from the day to day hitting. He loved them and they helped him preform better. Hey good enough to win the state championships.

4.5 Stars

September 6, 2010
These shoulder pads are excellent. Lightweight, comfortable & provide nice protection.

Mike Buckingham
4.5 Stars

Great Buy!
September 1, 2010
Half the weight of the Riddel shoulder pads the league provided and three pounds can be the difference between carrying the ball and being a lineman based on league rules. They also are more flexible as the back of the pads are connected with small bars that flex up and down when you raise your arms.

4.5 Stars

Good Equipment
August 31, 2010
really light to play with...

4.5 Stars

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