Sports Unlimited Rewards Program

Earn points to get rewards.
It's simple, it's easy, it's fun.

The more your earn, the more you save. There are plenty of ways to collect points and they are probably things that you're already doing! It's easy to save money and help others do the same. Be a smart shopper and a team player, that's what Sports Unlimited is all about!


  • $1 = 1 Point

    Earn a point for every dollar you spend. Watch out for double and triple point promotions to earn even more!

  • 200 Points for You

    You receive 200 points right when you sign up!

  • Give & Take

    When you refer friends or family, they get 50 bonus points (250 total) when they sign up. You get 50 when they sign up and 500 when they purchase!

  • Help Others & Earn

    Write a review on an item and we'll give you 25 points.
    Answer a question and we'll give 25 points.

  • Exchange Points

    100 points can redeems $2 credit;
    250 points redeems $5 credit;
    500 points redeems $15 credit;
    1,000 points redeems $50 credit.