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Basketballs - Indoor and Outdoor

Indoor basketballs have either a leather or composite leather cover. Traditional leather balls, like the Spalding Official NBA basketball, are high performing, soft on the hands, and designed specifically for indoor play. Composite leather basketballs are sometimes categorized as indoor only, but most are suitable for indoor or outdoor play. Composite leather balls won't cost you nearly as much as a traditional ball. And with today's technology, basketball manufacturer's are producing composite balls with excellent grip and playability. Rubber basketballs are designed for outdoor use, and are an ideal choice when you will only be using the ball outside. The rubber covers won't wear nearly as quickly as the composite leather balls, which means less time buying new basketballs, and more time playing.

We stock a huge variety of quality b-balls in every size, color, and style, for every player on the court. No matter what age, skill level, or size you are, you'll find the basketball for you right here.

We have a huge variety of officially sized NCAA, NBA, and WNBA basketballs made for the court or the street. Check out our unconventional basketballs like the NCAA Illuminator that glows in the dark, or the Baden X-Tread Basketball, giving you exceptional grip. Whatever you're looking for to get your game on, we've got it stocked. You'll find it all from the best brands in basketball; Spalding, Wilson, Under Armour, and Mikasa.

Sports Unlimited offers a full range of basketball equipment for all your needs. Browse around, and we're sure you'll find everything for your game.


Basketballs - Indoor and Outdoor