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Football Shoulder Pads

Protection on the football field is paramount. From head to toe, equipping yourself with the necessary gear will give you the confidence to perform at your best. Besides the football helmet, no other piece of equipment is more significant than the shoulder pads. Designed to protect the upper body from the rigors of full contact football, shoulder pads become the first line of defense when barreling into a tackle. Like other protective equipment, football shoulder pads come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. It's important that you get the appropriate football pads for your skill level and position, as you'll want to be sure you have the right coverage without restricting your abilities. That is why Sports Unlimited carries every type of football shoulder pads for every type of player.

The first and most important step to picking out a pair of shoulder pads in figuring out what size pads you'll need. Without the correct size, you maybe exposing parts of the shoulders or back which could lead to potential injuries. To remove this stress, we have prepared a Football Shoulder Pad Sizing Guide to simplify the process. This step by step procedure shows you how to measure yourself to ensure you have the correct size.

Once you know what size pads you'll need, you'll have to decide what other features are important to you. Depending on the position you play, you may want a pads that offers greater range of motion, or perhaps extra protection. Some players prefer lightweight pads that provide more freedom on the field, while others look for extra coverage on their bodies to stand up the heavy collisions. To help inform you on what you might be looking for in a pair of pads, we have created a Football Shoulder Pad Buyers Guide to assist in the decision making process.

No matter what type of player you are, you're going to want gear that elevates your game. That is why at Sports Unlimited, we carry everything from lightweight Youth Football Shoulder pads, to the high performance pads worn by NFL players. Stocking a range of options from today leading manufacturers like Riddell, Schutt, Xenith, Douglas, and Gear Pro-Tec, you'll know we've got exactly what you need. Stocked in our warehouse and ready to ship out same day, get your football shoulder pads and all your other football equipment needs from THE online football store.

Shoulder Pads

Football Shoulder Pads