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Baseball Umpire Equipment & Apparel

Being an umpire requires tremendous focus and integrity. In order to maintain that focus, having the right gear is essential. There are plenty of options when it comes to baseball umpire equipment because feeling comfortable and staying safe during the game allows any ump to do his or her job better. One piece of equipment that umpires need is an ump mask. Brands like Rawlings and Wilson make traditional style masks that are comfortable, cushioned, and protect your face on foul tips and wild pitches.

Umpires also need to protect their chest, legs and feet. With different kinds of chest and shoulder protection, finding the right pads that are comfortable and durable makes a difference for the season. Chest protectors absorb impact and allow umps to get into position to see pitches and plays better without risking injury. It is easy to overlook protective equipment, but the best umps in high school, college, and in major league baseball wear high quality protective gear every single time they step on the field.

Another accessory that helps umpires during the game are indicators that count strikes, balls, outs, and innings. They can help keep track during every at-bat and inning so that you can focus on each pitch and play without having to worry too much about the count. Sports Unlimited carries protective gear for umpires as well as accessories like umpire shoes and plate brushes.

Umpire Equipment

Baseball Umpire Equipment & Apparel