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Not everyone uses baseball or softball batting gloves, but there are some major benefits to using them. With a huge selection of batting gloves from recognizable brands like Easton, Cutters, Under Armour, DeMarini, Franklin, and more, you can find different designs, materials, strengths, and technologies that all help you grip the bat, keep you comfortable, and get the job done at Sports Unlimited. With perforations and high quality leathers and synthetics, batting gloves can keep your hands cool and perfectly capable of a great swing even on the hottest or coldest days. Many gloves are made for baseball, but we also offer women's batting gloves specifically for fastpitch, but baseball batting gloves also can work great for softball!

Recently, more and more glove brands are adding protective materials on the backhand of the glove to keep batters protected at the plate from pitches up on the hands. Take a pitch to your throwing or catching hand can be devastating for not only fielding, but batting too and that's why so many players opt for specialized hand protection at the plate. When you are looking at a brand like EvoShield that revolutionized the industry with custom-molding shields to protect you, you don't have to decide between a great palm feel and back-hand protection. Go with the glove that you'll feel most confident in at the plate whether it's because of the design, material, protection, or a superstitious feeling.