About Us


Sports Unlimited is guided by 7 core values:
    • Integrity Is Not Optional
      Every decision should be made with integrity and honesty.
    • Have Respect, Be Sincere
      Treat everyone you encounter with equal respect and kindness.
    • Go Beyond Expectations
      Champion excellence and quality in all things.
    • Foster Development
      Innovate with process and product. Encourage growth in people and position.
    • Empower Each Other as a Team through Positive Leadership
      With communication, open-mindedness, and hard work, we can accomplish anything.
    • Uphold the Spirit of Family
      Be caring, supportive, and appreciate each other.
    • Make an Impact in the Community
      Serve with passion to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.


Meet a few members of our team.


Sports Unlimited is a family owned e-commerce based sporting goods store located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our journey began with the opening of our first brick and mortar store in 1983 by founding partners Don Ball and David Neff. In 1998, we officially launched SportsUnlimitedInc.com, selling sporting equipment to consumers both in store and online. After a long evaluation of the future of the sporting goods industry in 2008, we closed our stores and moved to an exclusively online platform. After years of planning, testing, and development, we launched a brand new website in 2016, offering a user friendly shopping experience like no other. We currently stock and ship athletic gear for a range of different sports from our warehouse in Harleysville, PA. Specializing in delivering the equipment athlete’s need, from football to field hockey, baseball to badminton.

Below is a timeline of business, from 1983 to present day.

About Us