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Football Pants

Football pants are a central part of your football equipment, and can really make or break your game and your season. Not only do they protect your lower half, and house and stabilize your knee pads, but they also keep you safe from serious injuries and abrasions that can happen during almost any play. There are all types of football pants out there, but without the right kind, your intensity on the field could have you running through a few pairs of football pants per season!

To save you time, money, cuts, and bruises, Sports Unlimited only carries the most durable, tough, and versatile adult and youth football pants, from the most trusted names in football today. Check out our wide selection of slotted, snap-in, sewn-in, and integrated football pants from big brands like Adams, A4, Wilson, Schutt, Russell, Alleson and  Nike, and you're sure to find exactly what you need for your next season.

Do you know which type of football pants are best for you?

  • Integrated football pants - The knee and hip pads are built right into the pants. Truly innovative football apparel!
  • Slotted football pants - The necessary pads are slipped into built-in slots, for a solid hold and quick interchangeability.
  • Snap-In football pants - The necessary pads are slipped into built-in slots and additional hip pads are snapped into place
  • Sewn-In football pants - Similar to integrated pants, the pads are sewn into the pants fabric itself.

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Football Pants