Baseball socks for youth players are designed to cover the calf and look great while maintaining a cool feel even in the summer heat. With moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial technology, baseball socks from Under Armour and Pro Feet are great options. Some socks include arch support that uses a slightly compressed feel to control the buildup of lactic acid, help avoid cramps, and improve foot stamina. Many players don't realize how much they like having this tightened arch support until they play a game or two with it. Other than arch support finding lightweight, durable, and team-colored socks can be vital to your decision on which youth socks to get. The many brands Sports Unlimited carries come in a variety of team color options so that when you hit the field in a uniform, your socks match perfectly.

Additionally, when you are sliding into any base or home plate, a high sock that covers the part of your leg that your pants do not can help protect your legs from harsh scrapes in the dirt. Pulling up a pair of great socks can keep your feet fresh, your legs energetic, and you confident when sliding. Another design style that many players love is the 'stirrup' style that can come as an actual stirrup or just designed to look that way. The stirrup thins out toward the ankle and wraps around the under-side of the foot while the sock color on the foot and toes are a different color than the stirrup.