While not traditionally thought of as a contact sport, the importance of a baseball helmet should not be lost. There is an obvious risk of head injury when a baseball is propelled towards a batter. And while itĂs not a common occurrence that players are stuck in the head by a ball, itĂs important that you have the right equipment to provide the necessary protection. With the increased attention on the effects of concussions in sports, it is imperative that players of all ages have the security of batting helmet.

Whether itĂs a baseball batting helmet or softball helmet that youĂre looking for, Sports Unlimited has what you need. Carrying a wide selection for todayĂs leading manufacturers like Mizuno, Rawlings, Easton, Schutt, and more. Constructed from durable ABS shells, built to withstand serious impact. Lined with comfortable, force-absorbing foam padding, that all meets NOCSAE safety standards. There are also selection of Softball and Youth Baseball Helmets with face guards for extra protection.

Batting Helmets may not be called into action as often as their football counterparts, but their significance is no less. Both Adult and Kids baseball helmets can play an important role in protecting players when they need it most. Ensure youĂve got your head protected with a baseball helmet form Sports Unlimited.