Field hockey players are demanding people, because they have an undying love for their game. So Sports Unlimited answers your demands, and carries the best field hockey gear from the top brands in the industry, including all of the latest and greatest field hockey goalie equipment! Whether you're just hitting the net for the first time, or you're a seasoned veteran, who owns the goal, we have the gear you need at prices you'll love.

We pride ourselves on offering an impressive selection of field hockey goalie gear, with all of the latest developments in performance field hockey equipment, at even more impressive prices. With tough, durable, impact resistant, and moisture managing goalie helmets, and comfortable and performance-enhancing chest protectors, Sports Unlimited decks you out in great gear that keeps you safe and keeps you mobile. We offer a wide variety of high-density, lightweight foam hand protectors, leg guards, and kickers, so you can stop anything that gets in your path, without putting your body at risk. After all, how can you put the competition in their place from the bench?

Need a new lightweight field hockey goalie stick, chock full of the latest composite technology? Look no further than our collection of Cranbarry and Grays goalie sticks. You really can't go wrong when you come to Sports Unlimited for your field hockey goalie equipment needs. Whatever you're looking for, to take your game to that next level, we've got it right here!


Field Hockey Goalie Equipment

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