Billiards is the quintessential gentleman's game. Played since the 15th century, it is the ultimate test of accuracy, strategy, strength, and fortitude. It's also a darn good time! Whether you're a regular at the pool hall, a home owner, or looking to build the game room you've always dreamed of, all things pool and billiards are right here at Sports Unlimited.

In the market for a pool table to round out your game room, basement, living room, or apartment? With a full selection of incredible pool tables in every style, color, size, and priced for every budget, let Sports Unlimited be your place for billiards. Our vast selection has something for every space, every level of player, and ever price range.  We even offer a selection of NFL and MLB licensed pool tables, and outdoor pool tables designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, for years of great outdoor billiards.

Already the proud owner of a pool table? Well get the most out of your table and your game room when you check out our selection of pool accessories and kits. No pool room is complete without chalk and a rack to keep your collection of cues safe and organized. Don't forget to pick up a triangle either. It's tough to break and get a game started without a solid triangle. We also stock a variety of pool ball sets in a variety of styles. Get everything to deck out your billiards area right here.

Are you a regular at the local pool hall? Well we have the cure for what ails you right here. With a full collection of some of the greatest, highest-quality pool cue sticks, made from quality woods or fiberglass. Fiberglass pool sticks have become more popular amongst beginners and intermediate players, mostly because they're a little more affordable and significantly more durable than wood cues. Many pool purists and higher level players stick to quality wood pool cues for the natural hit feel, or touch, they get through the wood, as compared to the disconnected between stroke and shot with fiberglass cues. Whatever your preference, we have a huge collection of various wood cues and fiberglass pool sticks for any player. But no matter what you go with, be sure to secure your investment in a pool cue case, to guard it from warping, scratches, and damage.

Check out our full selection and options in pool tables and pool accessories for every need. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at 610-825-6368, and we'll answer any questions and guide you through the process as best we can!

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