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Basketball HexPad Protective Wear

In basketball, you play hard or you go home. Simple as that. And when you walk off the court dripping in sweat, a few cuts and bruises is expected...and can be badges of honor for a great game. But if you don't protect yourself a little, a simple trip or fall to the hard court can end you up on the sidelines, and then what good are you to the team? The lesson here; get some protection for the court.

Basketball is a sport of mobility and quick motions. You need to move fast, contort, and reach to get by, through, and above the competition, and there's no way you're doing that with heavy, clunky pads on. After all, this isn't football. What you need are lightweight, flexible, thin, and breathable pads that give you the protection you need without holding you back. Good thing you came to Sports Unlimited, since that's exactly what we've got for you.

Our collection of shooter sleeves, leg sleeves, knee pads, and nose and face guards, gives you the protection you need, where you need it, without burdening you with extra weight and speed-killing junk. Our shooter sleeves from McDavid, Mueller, Nike, and Under Armour basketball, are all incredibly lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable, and massively comfortable. They also keep you shooting arm protected and safe, so you can hit those buckets and break through for layups. Slip on some knee pads or leg sleeves for padded, lightweight, and flexible protection, so when you hit the court, you're getting right back into the game instead of heading for the locker room...with some assistance.

Play the game hard, and play it smart, with some active protective wear and basketball gear from Sports Unlimited.

Protective Wear

Basketball HexPad Protective Wear